My family

My family

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Fun!!

We have had such a gorgeous spring here in TX.  Really our only cold weather was in Jan and the first week of Feb.....other than that it's been 70 or 80 degrees pretty much.....I do miss having regular four seasons here but I have to admit I LOVE being able to have a great tan before April!  :-)

We enjoyed another great soccer season!  The boys continue to LOVE playing and have become very good!  They still play on the same team and Dan is enjoying being their coach!

Carter, Bella and Will

      Bella originally had said she didn't want to play again this season, but of course after the boys first game she said she wished she could still play.  We lucked out that some of the girls from her previous season were on a new team this season that ended up needing a new this season Bella was a Runnin' Horn.  Her  first opinion of the name was "that's not very girly, Mom!",  but we were blessed with a great group of girls and a very nice, patient coach!   So, she enjoyed being a Runnin' horn after all...even though it wasn't such a girly name! :-)  She just had her end of the season pasrty and got her trophy!  (We haven't had the boys yet!)

I got to go on the boys field trip with our MDO to the zoo and we had such a fun time....great weather and we got to see so many animals up close.  Of course their favorites were the reptile house (UGHH!)  and the giraffes!


Carter and Will and their best buddy, Chase!!

Will right next to the gorilla

We walked a LOT!  So much so, that this is what I found these boys doing towards the end of our visit!

This was also a big season for Dan!  He ran his very first 1/2 marathon....only my husband would decide a week and a half before the race to run it!  He had literally no training other than the fact that he had been trying to run 3 or so miles a couple times a week for a few weeks prior to the race.  Then he won a contest on the radio that gave him a paid registration for the 1/2 he just HAD to do it.  I will admit I was nervous that he was making a huge mistake, I mean people train months for these things, right?  I should have know better because when Dan decides to do something he does matter what!  He crossed the finish line in 2 hours and 38 min.......who can run a 1/2 marathon with no preparation and finish in a great time too??  My husband ROCKS!!!
About to cross the finish line!

Other fun things we had were the Daddy Daughter Picnic at Bella's school....

Daddy and Bella
 ....she was so proud to show him off to all her friends!!

And Easter was beautiful!!  We had a fun lunch with friends and had a very relaxing morning!!

We had the Mother-Daughter Tea and Bella was in a program during it!  Unfortunately, I didn't get any video of it but she got up there and danced and sang her heart out....would you expect any less???
Bella and Sarah

Me and Sarah's mom, Amy

We got to sit with Kenzie and Libba!  
I love doing fun stuff like this with my sweet girl!  She's growing up too fast! :(

Will and Carter had Career day at their MDO and they had to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up~  
My pilot and my policeman
They looked so incredibly cute!  We've just put their beds into bunkbeds in their bedroom and they think it's the most exciting thing ever.  They are excited to go to bed every night, which makes bedtimes soooo much easier!!  :-)   Will sleeps on the bottom and he said "I love my bed!  It's cozy and in the shave!"  which translates to "in the shade" meaning it's not as bright on the bottom bunk!

Monday, April 4, 2011

4 Month Catch Up

I keep putting off writing a new post b/c all I can think about are all the ones I need to catch up on since Christmas!  So instead here's a quick picture post for Jan thru April! :-)   WARNING:  LOTS OF PICTURES!!!  :-)
          We took the kids fishing for the first time!  It was a LOT of sitting still and waiting and we caught nothing but they loved getting to use their new fishing poles they got for Christmas!

We also had our first snow of the year and it was a LOT!!  They had so much fun playing in it and making a snowman, snow angels and all that good stuff!  Somehow snow days aren't as fun anymore for me though, b/c I spend the day layering clothes on and off of kids and doing LOTS of laundry!  ;-)  It's a good thing they are so cute!

 You can see we were horribly prepared for winter weather here in Texas.  The broom cleaned off the top of the cars and Dan broke my favorite spatula trying to scrape ice off his windshield! 

               The boys didn't last quite as long as Bella!  They were more than happy to watch her play through the window! 

    Another exciting thing is that the day before our 2nd ice/snow storm Nana came to visit!  We tried to teach her to play Wii!  She did pretty good for a beginner!

            We went fishing at the park's Trick or Trout Day and it was actually successful....for one kid! 

               Here's Will with his very first fish!!  My dad would've been so proud! 

                                        Nana, Dan and the kids

        We also went to the zoo while Nana was here....70 crowds ...perfect day!


Nana got to eat lunch at Bella's school!

And of course we took her to our favorite place....Gattitown!

And we went to the playground!  Thanks for coming, Nana!  We love you!

                         Bella had her first Open house a few days after Nana had to leave....she said she wanted to dress cool for it!
I think she suceeded!

her book she made on her computer

Her artwork and sentence

Bella and her teacher, Mrs. Thomas!

Bella's work (Translation :  I love to pig out on PIZZA.)
Our friends from TN....Abbie and Hannah came to visit and we got to spend lots of time with them!  We love you!

The last 5 pictures are of the boys modeling a friend of ours clothing line!  (Will is in the blue shirt, Carter in the plaid)  Her son is on our soccer team and she is so incredibly talented!  When she asked if the boys could be in the photo shoot I wasn't sure how they'd do, but I think they look pretty great, huh???  If you like the clothes, you need to check out her website  

So, that's it....I'm finally caught up and now can start posting new ones....whew!  :-)